Meet Malanna

Hi, I’m Malanna Carey Henderson.

I grew up in Detroit (Michigan) and have lived in New York, and Tulsa (Oklahoma) before moving to Fredericksburg (Virginia). My adopted hometown—Fredericksburg—is rich in history and local cultural opportunities. I’m blessed to attend the same church attended by George Washington, his mother, sister, and brother-in-law during the Colonial Period and enjoy walking at the four Civil War battlefields in the area.

As a child, I read All. The. Time. and reading is still a life-long passion. My favorite genres are biographies, mysteries, and historical fiction. The more I read, the more I wanted to write. At City University of New York, I pursued a Masters of Fine Arts, with an emphasis on playwriting.

Now, my creative attributes include playwriting, composing music, singing, and writing novels. I’ve won two first-place awards for one-act plays!

In 2019, my first historical fiction novel—On The Wings of Freedom—was published. It’s a story with a quest for social justice, adventurous moments, and a forbidden romance. Set in 19th Century America, it explores the legal practices of the Antebellum south tested by the principles of freedom and democracy.

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