Riverside Writers Golden NIB Contest 2022

Each year our chapter holds a writing contest called the Golden Nib Contest. There are three categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry. The submissions of the first-place winners are entered into the Virginia Writers Club state-wide Golden Nib contest. I have been a member of the Fredericksburg chapter for at least five years and have neverContinue reading “Riverside Writers Golden NIB Contest 2022”

“Dueling Pigs” was a contest of taste

I have been very busy this summer. Writing and acting opportunities availed themselves to me and I enjoyed these experiences, immensely. In the spring, I wrote an original one-act comedy based on a fictitious encounter between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Charlie, a good friend and fellow parishioner, asked me to write a play toContinue reading ““Dueling Pigs” was a contest of taste”

Renaissance Faire 2022

Hello Readers and Playgoers, Several months ago, the owner of the Renaissance Faire, Cornelia, met me at a popular restaurant for lunch. She and her business partner were ready to produce Virginia Renaissance Faire 2022. The event had been suspended since 2020 due to COVID-19. She had agreed to assist me in producing my musicalContinue reading “Renaissance Faire 2022”