The Soul of the Story

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King.  Although the story On the Wings of Freedom is fictional, it brings life to the quote by Martin Luther King. When justice stands opposite immorality dressed-up in codified laws, the people must fight and eradicate these unjust laws with vigor andContinue reading “The Soul of the Story”

Playwright’s Corner – Let’s Talk about Themes

Let’s Talk About Themes   Our last conversation centered on how an idea for a play germinates. Now that you have an idea you’ll need to develop it into a theme, which is best stated in one sentence. All plays have a theme or premise. Consider the themes for Romeo and Juliet: Love Conquers AllContinue reading “Playwright’s Corner – Let’s Talk about Themes”

Stage to Page

UNTOLD STORIES … For the previous two years, I have been writing vignettes for Untold Stories to celebrate Black History Month. Sponsored by the Friends of the Wilderness Battlefield, I’ve written original one-act plays depicting little-known episodes in African American history. These were presented at several historic churches in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Patrons travel from oneContinue reading “Stage to Page”