Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield

  Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield was an opera singer who lived during the ante-bellum era. What does an eighteenth-century opera singer teach us about perseverance? An enigma of her time, Elizabeth was dubbed “The Black Swan,” by newspapers. Compared to Jinny Lind, “The Swedish Nightingale,” critics praised her four-octave voice as superior. A compliment fewContinue reading “Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield”


The Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetary Memorial, 1001 S. Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia My husband and I were driving through Alexandria and noticed this cemetery. Our interest in Civil War history compelled us to stop and visit the memorial. First of all, I was struck by the sculpted narratives of newly freed people, such as theContinue reading “HappyThanksgiving”

Riverside Writers Golden NIB Contest 2022

Each year our chapter holds a writing contest called the Golden Nib Contest. There are three categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry. The submissions of the first-place winners are entered into the Virginia Writers Club state-wide Golden Nib contest. I have been a member of the Fredericksburg chapter for at least five years and have neverContinue reading “Riverside Writers Golden NIB Contest 2022”