The Soul of the Story

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King.

 Although the story On the Wings of Freedom is fictional, it brings life to the quote by Martin Luther King. When justice stands opposite immorality dressed-up in codified laws, the people must fight and eradicate these unjust laws with vigor and tenacity.

Thus, it explains the major theme of the story. 

As writers, we want to be inspired by the stories we write. We search for words that best define and express our beliefs and the ideas behind those beliefs. 

My first step in writing a book is to find an idea, premise, a belief I can rally behind and feel excited about bringing to life in a story. My next step is to find a situation that will challenge this belief; and then, find the characters who best embody the moral attributes to test the status quo. Then, I’m off and running.

The middle of the book is filled with pitfalls and successes that lead the hero/heroine to the epitome of danger: the climax; and then, to the eventual resolution, melding theme and plot to bring the story to an end.

Whether your hero/heroine is successful or not depends on what impact you wish to convey about your theme. At times, failure to accomplish their mission could make a more compelling argument about your theme than if they had succeeded.

It’s totally up to you, the writer, the master of your universe.

Published by Malanna Carey Henderson

Malanna Carey Henderson is a Detroit native who presently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her adoptive city is rich in history. America's early colonial period and four major battles of the Civil War have marked its landscape. George Washington, his mother, sister, and brother-in-law attended the same church of which Malanna is a member. As a child, Malanna was an avid reader. Her favorite genres were biographies, mysteries, and historical fiction. The more books she read, the greater the urge to write grew. Malanna's creative attributes encompass playwriting, composing music, and singing. She has won two first-place awards for her one-act plays. On the Wings of Freedom is a book that combines several genres: a quest for social justice, adventure, and romance. The backdrop is 19th-century America. Here, the legal practices of the antebellum south are tested against the principles of freedom and democracy. On the Wings of Freedom is Malanna's first novel.

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